Capoeira is for everyone!

As one of the first Capoeira Brasil schools in the greater Indianapolis area, Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis provides a fun, empowering, and judgement free community. Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis teaches movements and body conditioning , music, Capoeira instruments (berimbau, pandeiro and more) as well as history in order to dominate everything we do in class. Accounted as one of the top martial arts to get you in the best shape of your life. Capoeira will help you build confidence, feel stronger, and reduce stress!

Meet Instructor Caxixi!


Throughout the years, Caxixi has attended multiple events in different countries such as Venezuela, Brazil and several states in the United States (Oregon, Washington St, California, Nevada, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois)

Today, “Caxixi” teaches classes in Westfield, Indiana at Aurelia Dance Studio. Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis is continually growing and is dedicated to the unique, creative, and free-flowing art that is Capoeira.

Caxixi strives to help in the creation of a positive environment with Capoeira, in which students are challenge and inspired to reach, train and help others to achieve new skills together so they can explore the potential that each practitioner could have, He is focused on the contribution to the health of our communities through the art of Capoeira, increase social interaction and make the difference in people’s life.