Capoeira is for everyone

As one of the first Capoeira Brasil schools in the greater Indianapolis area, Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis provides a fun, empowering, and judgement free community. Capoeira Brasil Indianapolis teaches music, Capoeira instruments (berimbau, pandeiro and more) and history and also the movements and body conditioning in order to dominate everything we do in class. Accounted as one of the top martial arts to get you in the best shape of your life. Capoeira will help you build confidence, feel stronger, and reduce stress!

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Our Graduation System:

White or Raw (Beginner): First rope, given to beginners in Capoeira, the name "raw" means that they are capoeiristas who have no knowledge at all, but with a promising future.

Yellow / White: Second string, which means welcome to the world of Capoeira.

Yellow: Here the students of Capoeira must demonstrate a deeper knowledge of what is the game of Capoeira, already know enough movements, displacements, skis and kicks.

Orange / White: Here the capoeiristas begin to practice instruments, to train floreios (jumps) and has a great knowledge of the game of Capoeira and its foundations.

Orange: Capoeiristas at this level must know various acrobatic movements and must know how to play some instruments, they can even sing during the roda.

Blue / Red (Graduated): Here capoeiristas earn the Graduate degree, which means that they can learn to teach, they help beginner students to learn their first steps. They can play any instrument and they know a great repertoire of songs.

Blue (Instructor): Rope given to capoeiristas who reached another level in Capoeira. Here capoeiristas can start teaching, they have a lot of technique and they are great in the game.

Green (Instructor): Here the capoeirista begins to develop his malice and implode it to the capoeira game.

Purple (Teacher): Teachers are great capoeiristas, they are great fighters and they know how to play capoeira to the point of leaving a person with open mouth and confused. The malice increases more and more.

Brown (Forming): It means that the capoeirista is almost formed, they are very important, because they are considered "Quasi-Masters", the Graduates can combine all their techniques in a game and turns it into a spectacle.

Black (Graduated / Master): Contrary to popular belief, when a capoeirista receives the Black Rope, he is not considered a Master yet. Only after a while will he be considered a Master. The Master is the highest level in capoeira, are respected by all, are undoubtedly great fighters, teachers and capoeiristas.