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Capoeira stands out among the rest of the martial arts for several reasons a few of them include: Teamwork, creating a healthy lifestyle, and movement are heavily developed in class - making Capoeira one of the only martial arts where you practice social and mental skills in order for you to create the confidence that you need for daily life.

Capoeira classes helps build confidence and provide a positive focus for youngsters and adults to channel their time and energy. Capoeira classes do not focus on injuring the opponent, we rather place the emphasis on skill.

Instructor Caxixi strives to help in the creation of a positive environment in which students are challenge and inspired to reach, train and help others to achieve new skills together so they can explore the potential that each practitioner could have, He is focused on the contribution to the health of our communities through the art of Capoeira, increase social interaction and making the difference in people’s life.

He wants to use Capoeira as a tool to bring its benefits and positive influence in our communities, among these benefits are:

  • Increases spatial awareness.

  • Improves self-confidence.

  • Helps to enhance gross motor skills.

  • Fights anxiety.

  • Helps overcome shyness & introversion.

  • Prevents bullying with participation, builds positive motivation among students.

  • And many more benefits!

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